King of Avalon suggestions, techniques and tactics

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a strategy MMO from FunPlus and Diandian Interactive. It’s you increasing a dragon whilst building an army in your quest to lift Excalibur and be the true ruler of your land. As anticipated from this genre, there are plenty of timers as well as the requirement to operate collectively with different players.

Become ruler a little quicker therefore, King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare ideas, king of avalon hack and even techniques is usually available to lead you through the paces, ensuring you will be a highly effective leader very quickly.

Follow the Missions

Ok, you might know the drill by now with these strategy games but it is actually important to adhere to the assignments that King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare provides up to you . This way, you are going to create a foundation that is more balanced than if you just throw yourself in and decide to solely focus on attack or resource gathering.
Listen to the information you’re given in game and stick with it for a while.

You’ll gain a great deal of bonuses through after the assignments but these things won’t instantly be redeemed. Instead, make certain you dive to the items menu and redeem them . Otherwise, you won’t reap the benefits.
Also, log in daily for some easy bonuses as a form of log in reward.

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading your Stronghold enables one to upgrade different structures, and unlock new kinds.
Wherever possible, focus on upgrading your Stronghold otherwise it’ll be a bottleneck to unlocking other helpful structures. Every now and then, you’ll hit a cap and need to upgrade different buildings to then be able to enhance your Stronghold. Keep an eye on what’s expected of you every step of the way.

Resources are crucial to letting you upgrade anything. Maximize their potential while you’re logged in then be prepared to check back in later on when they have restocked. Tap on all of your farms and sawmills to recover the relevant resources. In addition, don’t forget to check your things for some freebies.

Struggling it Out

You start out with a protective shield meaning nobody can attack you while you start out. Make the most of this and develop your base and tools while you’re safe.
You don’t need this to be straight forward. Concentrate on creating a defensive design that makes it tricky for your enemies to get straight at your stronghold. Maintain the important stuff well shielded at all times.
When the protective shield drops — move out and attack some gamers. Target stronger opponents in an effort to stock up on funds. Maybe drop in on some weaker competitions but your rewards will be lower so it is not completely worth the effort unless you’re desperate.

Join an Alliance

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare will inspire you to join a Alliance for great reason. You’ll earn some quick bonuses also it is a great way to work collectively so as to participate in bigger raids than you can manage on your own. Choose carefully but have pleasure.


Eventually, you will have the opportunity to use dragons. Honest. These are available in Offensive, Defensive, and Service varieties. Choose wisely and target it on your play style.