RiverPlace Insider’s Circle Program

Join the RiverPlace Insider’s Circle Program today and receive the significant advantages of the Insider’s Circle privileges beginning NOW.

We would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to confirm your interest in RiverPlace Condominiums. To date a number of your neighbors have already joined the Insider’s Circle and we would like to extend this opportunity to you.

As a member of the RiverPlace Condominiums Insider’s Circle, you will be included in a select group of individuals who will have a host of special privileges including special preview opportunities where you can reserve a high-rise condominium residence at RiverPlace Condominiums at a special pre-construction price.

Joining the Insider’s Circle will secure your place in line and give you the chance to participate in exclusive events and opportunities. You will gain immediate access to the following Insider’s Circle advantages:

Select your suite at special pre-construction prices at the Insider’s Circle opening preview.
Enjoy a number of VIP events where you will meet the developer, architect, community leaders and other owners with whom you’ll be able to share your thoughts.
Informational seminars where you will learn everything that you will need to know in order to make a more knowledgeable decision on where to live in downtown Baton Rouge.
Receive project updates and Newsletters.

A refundable deposit is required in order to enjoy Insider’s Circle privileges, which will either be applied against the purchase price, or refunded in its entirely at any time if you do not purchase at RiverPlace.

Please call Paula J. Robinson, Development Administrator, at the
number listed below or email to find out more about the Insider’s Circle program.

Not ready to join the Insider’s Circle? Simply click on REGISTER TO PREVIEW.

Thank you for your interest in RiverPlace Condominiums and for taking the time to visit our web site.

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